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Hey guys. So far too often I see goalkeepers shying away from a pass back.

Clip 1: You can see that Bendik doesn't show for the ball at all. He stays central and it allows the forward to only focus on the defender; making it a 1 vs 1 battle. In many cases the defender should just kick the ball out of bounds, but in this case, he does not and it leads to a goal. Instead, he should have shown to at the very least make the forward guess/decide which way to go. This causes indecision which could have given the defender a small window of opportunity to clear the ball up the line or off of the forward.

Clip 2: Evan Newton of Sac Republic does a tremendous job of showing/being an option for his defender outside of his goal/outer sides of the 18 yard box. This is how it should be. It is as simple as giving your defenders a good angle for a pass back & if you have to clear it, put it into the stands; just make sure to give your defender an option. You can now see how this forced the forward to cover both options; giving Newtons defender space to clear the ball up the field!

NOTES: I always tell my goalkeepers that you don't have to ALWAYS get the ball back from your defenders, but if you are an option, the forward now has to worry about more than just one option. This becomes a guessing game for the forward. That hesitation/guessing can give your defender that extra second or two to clear the ball/make a good decision instead of it leading to a goal.

Comment below and let me know your guys' thoughts!

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