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Stepping into your Diving Space I PRO GK

BREAKDOWN: Stepping into your Diving Space on a Low Ball Shot

Okay guys, so here's a great breakdown for any goalkeeper at just about any level! I wanted to cover the bad that comes from stepping into your diving space when you don't need to: 1. As you can see in the video, @Armando_samuel1 steps into his diving space with an unnecessarily big step. What you can see is that based on the shot that I hit, Armando should have taken a much smaller step. If the shot was hit a foot further out, this step would have been okay because now Armando has that extra second afforded to him to get his body down and push the ball out.

2. However, if you take too big of a step for a shot that is hit too close to you, your shoulders are now too high and now, to reach for the ball, this will cause separation of your arms from your body. Now your arms are out of your peripheral vision. And remember, your hands are much stronger when your head is behind them!

What causes a Big Step? 1. Not being patient enough to see the shot before taking your step. 2. Not having the body control to slow yourself down in order to be patient enough to see the shot and then react. That patience will allow you to see the speed at which the ball is traveling and where it will fall; therefore, allowing you to take the proper step needed. NOTES: Am I saying to "NEVER TAKE A BIG STEP?". No, if the shot is hit further from your body and you need to take a large step, then take a larger step. BUT, what I am saying is to remember to be PATIENT and have BODY CONTROL before a shot is taken. Guessing and cheating the game if you can read someones body is great, but make sure your steps are small so that you leave yourself some room for error if you misread the situation!

Breakdown by coach @omarzeenni

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