The Solo Goalkeeper Training Program was created by Founder & Head Trainer of Pro GK Academy, Omar Zeenni. Growing up he knew how difficult it was to find someone to train with him at ALL times. He remembers going out to the field and training on his own; not sure if his technique was right or if he was actually improving. Now a coach, he created the Solo Training Program to eliminate any excuse for why you couldn't go out and train on your own. Omar will be coaching you through each drill with step by step voice over assistance! No more excuses ... Let's Get to Work! 

What's in the Program? 

• 50 Unique Goalkeeping Drills that can be Done with Limited to No Equipment! 

50 Drill Breakdowns with How to Graphics and Voice Over Narration by Coach Omar Zeenni.

Drill Breakdowns: 15 Low Ball Drills, 15 High Ball Drills, 10 Combo Drills, 5 Passing Drills + 5 Crossing Drills & Plyometric, Core and Upper Body Strengthening Drills.  

Game Film References from the Pro's to show you exactly what each drill is working on. 

• Detailed 5 Week Schedule Breakdown 

Equipment Needed: 2 Flags, 2 Balls, 3 Yards of Rope and 10 Flat Cones