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Narrow vs Wide Stance Breakdown I Pro GK

BREAKDOWN: Narrow vs. Wide Stance 🔊🔊 sound on!

CLIPS 1 & 2: In these 2 clips, Armando does a great job coming across and setting in a narrow stance. However, as the shot comes, he jumps into the air and shifts from a narrow to a wide stance; thus leaving him immobile and incapable of fluid lateral movements. What this does is it limits your ability to take a power step as well as get low to the ground.

CLIPS 3,4,5, & 6: In these clips, Notice how Armando comes across & sets into a narrow stance; as the shot comes, he still bounces up but doesn't allow himself to get wide again. He comes down still in a shoulder width position and this allows him to plant his feet and take a power step towards the ball.

NOTES: Through countless hours of film I noticed that almost ALL of us jump prior to a shot. However, jumping into a wide stance will limit your mobility and lower your chances of being able to take a power step. Try setting and bouncing into a narrow/shoulder width stance at your next training or game and you will see the difference it makes in being able to make a play on the ball!

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Breakdown by coach Omar Zeenni

Goalkeeper: Armando Quezada

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