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Diving on your Elbow I Pro GK

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Diving Progression I'm breaking this one down because I know a lot of us coaches have kids who don't see the dive all the way through. Some kids have the tendency to drop their elbows down to break their fall. This can cause injury as well as a broken collarbone.

Clips 1 & 2: Harvey doesn't allow himself to go through the full progression of his dive. Instead, he stops himself early and lands directly on his elbow. So right away, we made sure to stop it and correct it. I was telling him that the easiest part of your body to slide on when diving to a side is the area from your elbow to your ribs (passing the armpit). The example I use is, when you're going down a slide, you're likely going down on either your chest or back. If you went down on your side; 1.You wouldn't pick up any speed and 2. You probably wouldn't have any control. Which brings me to the point that to reach max extension on a dive, you've got to get comfortable sliding on that area of your body.

Clips 3 & 4: Coach Peter and I are telling him that to get the muscle memory and get over that mental block, You HAVE to get your arm out from underneath you. Even if the ball stay in front of you after you've caught it, force your arm out to again get comfortable with that fall.

Clips 5 & 6: After multiple reps, Harvey finally starts to get comfortable with the movement and he begins to slide his arm out from underneath him NOTES: Most young goalkeepers will have that mental block. Diving isn't for everyone and it isn't the most natural movement. So to get over that, it's all about getting the quality reps and getting comfortable with hitting the ground like that!

Breakdown by Coach @omarzeenni

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