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What Causes Backwards Diving I PRO GK


Things to Remember:

1. So as you can see, Franklin’s set position is too high to start. This position will have him playing catchup with the ball. As the ball is being hit, notice in the time it takes him to get low, the ball is already moving past him. This is causing him to dive backwards to make a play on the ball / make a save.

2. INSTEAD of doing this, he should have set lower and established a line where he would attack the ball with a lateral diagonal step to have positive or at least in line body shape.

3. Next, notice now that because he is playing catchup, he has to cross step with the wrong foot when diving (his left when going right). This cross step has his body/hips going and diving at a negative angle.

4. INSTEAD, he should have taken that step with his right foot. This would have left his hips square to the ball which is ALWAYS the way your hips should be when diving!

Breakdown by coach @omarzeenni

Goalkeeper @f_mendez29

Let me know if this has happened to you before!

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