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Spin vs No Spin to Get I When to Use Which I PRO GK

BREAKDOWN: Spin vs No Spin (When to Use Which Technique) SOUND ON 🔊🔊

CLIP 1: As you can see in this clip, Armando does the right thing by using the spin technique. The biggest indicator as to when to use the spin technique is if you have enough momentum from your legs to spin you around and back up to your feet. This is most commonly used when you're at MAX EXTENSION.

CLIP 2: In this clip, Armand is not at full extension, so he doesn't have to use the spin technique. Instead, all he has to do is engage his core and use the Kick Push technique to get himself back up to his feet! CLIP 3: In this clip, Armando is at full ext. and has momentum from his legs but instead tries to engage his core and use the Kick Push technique. Using the wrong technique here adds an extra second to his get up speed. Instead, he should have used the momentum created from his legs to spin himself back to his feet.

CLIP 4: So just as in clip 3, Armando uses the wrong technique here. He is not at max extension and as a result does not have momentum from his legs. BUT, he tries to force his legs over to use the spin technique. This is wrong because now he is adding another 1 - 2 seconds trying to force momentum instead of using it when it is naturally created.

NOTES: Max extension saves / if your legs gain momentum, use the SPIN TECHNIQUE. If your legs don't have any momentum / if you're not at max ext. and it is a straight forward save, use the Kick Push Technique to get up!!.

Breakdown by Coach @omarzeenni Goalkeeper @armando_samuel1 Gloves: @aviatasports

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