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Setting | Why you should avoid jumping into your set position

(Fast Forward the Video to 1:25)

Unfortunate result for Croatia and for Subasic in the World Cup Final. He, along with Modric, was one of the biggest reasons for Croatias run to the final. Unfortunately, he gave up two goals that had similar technical mistakes: FIRST GOAL: I don’t want to fault him too much for this goal because there were two shots taken in quick succession, causing him to need to reposition himself. Pogbas first shot was blocked which caused Subasic to react to his right. What I want to highlight here is as he tries to reposition himself centrally for the second shot, he jumps off of two feet into his set position (look at the progression from pictures 2 and 3). Jumping into your set position can only work if the shot is hit slowly enough where you have a chance to bring your feet back to the ground in time to take a proper step. Unfortunately, Pogba’s shot caught Subasic in the air and he didn’t have time to get his feet back to the ground. SECOND GOAL: Once again, Subasic gets caught jumping into his set position. As you can see in the progression from pictures from 1 to 2 to 3, Subasic jumps forwards initially, then jumps backwards with two feet and once he finally sets, his set position is so wide that he can’t get a proper step off. I believe that if he had just had calmer feet and not left his feet, a goalkeeper of his quality would have easily been able to get a clean collapse dive off.

📝NOTES: I try to teach my goalkeepers to avoid having both feet off the ground at the same time. Whether it’s moving from one set position to another or keeping your feet moving/bouncing prior to a shot, do your best to use the One Foot On & One Foot Off technique. With this technique, if your plant foot gets caught in the air, you’ll either 1. Have time to get that foot back to the ground OR 2. You’ll be able push off of your off foot and transfer that weight to your plant foot to get a proper dive off. On both occasions, Subasic gets caught jumping off of both feet. With this technique, you can end up rooting your feet into the ground which can make it extremely difficult to pick them back up in time to get a proper step off.

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