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BREAKDOWN: Keep Your Eyes on the BALL!

BREAKDOWN: Keep Your Eyes on the BALL! CLIP #1: In this clip, as the ball is approaching, Tal takes his eyes off of the ball and when you do that, you make your hands substantially weaker.. EXERCISE: I use this exercise to show my kids how much stronger their hands are when their head and eyes follow them. Stick their arm out and have them look directly at you. Now push their hand back and have them try to resist. Next, have them stare at their hand and again try to resist. By doing this, you'll show them how much more power they have with their eyes on their hands and the ball!. WHAT DOES THIS DO?: This now allows for stronger hands + the ability to push the ball aside instead of letting the ball push you AND it will help you to catch the ball when wanted. Breakdown by Coach @omarzeenni Goalkeepers @armando_samuel1 @talasraf98 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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