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1 vs 1's : Coming Out Full Speed OR Setting and Staying BIG

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: 1 vs 1's : Coming Out Full Speed OR Setting and Staying BIG With the amount of game footage I watch, it still baffles me how goalkeepers can come out full speed on a 1 vs 1 like in clip #1 and be surprised that they're giving up goals. Does that style work sometimes? Of course it does, everything works "sometimes", however, from analyzing the pros and from my own experiences, I have found that when goalkeepers do what the goalkeeper in Clip #2 did, they have a much higher success rate & save percentage. . THE DIFFERENCE Clip #1: He comes out full speed and never gets his feet set. What this does is it limits the amount of ways that you can make a save. The only ways you'll be making a save with this approach is if the forward hits it directly at you. Clip #2: He comes out, gets to a good spot (makes sure he has his angles covered), and makes the forward have to think "how should I try and score?". This way allows for more options to make a save. a) staying big and the forward directly hits it at you... b) if he tries to dribble you, since your feet are set, you can move laterally with more ease... c) if he tries to chip you, you're still set and in an upright position that he will have to loft it over your head at a much slower rate, and this give your defenders more time to recover. NOTES Does the technique in Clip #1 work sometimes? Yes of course. Does the technique in clip #2 work ALL the time? Of course not. However, I believe that you will make more saves and be more successful if you come out, get set at a good angle and MAKE THE FORWARD BEAT YOU! Breakdown by coach @omarzeenni Comment below your thoughts!

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