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Short Crosses

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Kiko Casilla Goal vs Tottenham So I posted this clip on my IG story yesterday and was asked to break it down. Breakdown: So, both services here are the exact same and fortunately but unfortunately for Casilla, he gets away with the first one but not the second... Notice as the ball is being played over to the winger; he gets into a good position at the post. However, at the last second he opens his body up and changes from a "SQUARE" to a "NEUTRAL" set position, this now changes your diving angle. So instead diving to "A" like in the video, you're now setting yourself up to dive at a negative/backwards angle.. NOTES: So as much as I preach the Neutral stance, remember that that is only when the ball is far and the forward has the opportunity to swing the ball over your head. That neutral stance will allow you to cross step to the far post more effectively and keep you more aware and mobile. However, the closer the forward gets to the goal (rule of thumb: from the edge of the 18 to the edge of the 6 yard box), that is when you should switch to a square stance. This will allow you to cut the ball off at the "A" angle, as shown in the video, vs the neutral stance, which will have you reaching or the "B" angle.

Breakdown by coach @omarzeenni

Comment below and let me know your guys' thoughts.

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