What is PRO GK?

solo training 


Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been told to stay home and avoid group training! That being said, I am putting the Solo Training Program on sale for those of you that still want to train on your own!

PRO GK Academy was founded by an LA Galaxy Academy Graduate and 4 Year D1 Starter, Omar Zeenni. He had the privilege of being mentored by some of the best goalkeeper coaches in the country and wanted others to benefit from what he learned.

Pro GK's Mission is to provide Goalkeepers of ALL ages the tools and tips to improve their game. Through Instagram & YouTube tutorials, we have been committed to furthering peoples' knowledge of the game & position by dissecting training sessions and game like scenarios.

goalkeeper Training

We offer group and private training in the Greater Los Angeles Area. All group sessions will be held at 

Arcadia High School!