November 6, 2017

BREAKDOWN: Keep Your Eyes on the BALL!

CLIP #1: In this clip, as the ball is approaching, Tal takes his eyes off of the ball and when you do that, you make your hands substantially weaker..

EXERCISE: I use this exercise to show my kids how much stronger their hands are when their head and eyes follow them. Stick their arm out and have them look directly at you. Now push their hand back and have them try to resist. Next, have them stare at their hand and again try to resist. By doing this, you'll show them how much more p...

November 3, 2017

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: 1 vs 1's : Coming Out Full Speed OR Setting and Staying BIG

With the amount of game footage I watch, it still baffles me how goalkeepers can come out full speed on a 1 vs 1 like in clip #1 and be surprised that they're giving up goals. Does that style work sometimes? Of course it does, everything works "sometimes", however, from analyzing the pros and from my own experiences, I have found that when goalkeepers do what the goalkeeper in Clip #2 did, they have a much higher success rate & save percentage. ....

November 3, 2017

VIDEO BREAKDOWN: Kiko Casilla Goal vs Tottenham

So I posted this clip on my IG story yesterday and was asked to break it down.

Breakdown: So, both services here are the exact same and fortunately but unfortunately for Casilla, he gets away with the first one but not the second... Notice as the ball is being played over to the winger; he gets into a good position at the post. However, at the last second he opens his body up and changes from a "SQUARE" to a "NEUTRAL" set position, this now changes your diving angle. So ins...

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